Why do I need to see a private GP?

GP Extra offers all the same services currently offered by your NHS GP. If you are finding it difficult to see your GP, if you feel that the time allocated for appointments is too short, if you would like a second opinion or if you would like to have a well-man or well-woman screening then GP Extra can meet your needs.

Where are the clinics held?

We currently see patients at BMI The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle. In summer 2013 we will also be seeing patients at BMI The Highfield Hospital and BMI The Beardwood Hospital, Blackburn. Over the course of 2013/14 we are hoping to be able to offer more sites for appointments in the North West England.

What are the times available for appointments?

Weekday evenings 6.30 pm-9.00pm Saturdays 9.00am-1.00pm

What will I be charged?

We offer 20-minute consultations as standard.
We charge £60 per 20-minute consultation.
Whilst this is sufficient time for managing most problems, if more time is needed this can be easily arranged in extended appointments, just ask when booking in.

Do I have to be registered with an NHS GP to be seen?

No, we will see all patients whether they are registered with an NHS GP practice or not.

Can I use the service if I am a non-UK resident?

Absolutely. Whether you are currently living abroad or travelling in the UK we can offer you a high quality GP service.

How easy is it to be referred to a consultant?

Very easy. Direct referrals can be made to a wide range of consultants. We are based in established hospitals where the best local consultants currently see their patients. Due to our position in these hospitals the consultant can usually see patients within a few days.

Can you organise scans, test and investigations?

Yes. A wide range of tests can be carried out in the modern and fully equipped hospitals that we are based in.
We can organise an extremely wide range of blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound scans, CT and MRI scans.

Will my insurance cover the fees?

Whilst it is unlikely that your health insurance will cover the cost of the 20-minute appointment, virtually all insurance policies will cover any investigations and referrals.
Please check with your insurer to clarify your cover.